The Lip Blush technique was created in Europe and is a modern form of tattooing color on to your lips that is sheer, and nothing like the “lipstick” look of past years. Think of it as your lip color, but subtly enhanced. Your lips will have a fresh, healthier appearance.

This technique involves creating a very soft and subtle outline of your lips with a lip color that best suits your skin coloring and desired look. This soft line is then blended and shaded when filling in your lips with the pigment. By doing this, we are avoiding the “lined lip” look, and therefore creating the illusion of fuller, natural looking lips.

Think of it as a lip blush that stays on and will keep you looking your best no matter what the occasion is!



CURIOUS? INTERESTED? The Raised Brow is looking for 4 models for the Lip Blush technique. $250 (normal p​rice $475). Deposit of $125 due at the time of booking. Contact or call 804.514.6409 if you are interested.