Sometimes eyebrow microblading may not be enough, especially for those with very few eyebrow hairs, or no hair at all in some or all parts of the brow, which means the artist has a lot of bare skin to cover. Shading provides your eyebrows with a gorgeous delicate background for your microbladed hair strokes. This advanced technique provides your eyebrows with definition, density and a magnificent, soft finish. This technique is either done manually, with a rotary pen, or a combination of both. Hair strokes are implanted, and then portions of the brow, where the brow hair grows denser are reinforced with pigment, so the end result is a natural looking, blended, 3-D effect.


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The Raised Brow - Permanent Makeup Services in Richmond, VA. Serving Mechanicsville, VA and Surrounding Counties. Services include Signature Shade & Strokes Brows, Microblading, Feather Hair Strokes, Ombre'/Powder Brows, Permanent Eyeliner, Lip Blush, & Lash Lifts.


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