Tattoo Removal (Li-FT)

With more and more microblading availability on the rise, there is a dark side of permanent cosmetics – microblading gone wrong! Here’s how to get permanent cosmetics removed when you’ve had bad microblading.

What is Li-FT and PhiRemoval and what does it involve?
Li-FT and PhiRemoval are both non-laser forms of permanent cosmetic, tattoo and microblading removal, perfect for those unhappy with their permanent cosmetics due to discoloration, uneven lines, PMU or tattoo looks “old fashioned,” or PMU or tattoo is of poor quality. Both types of removal are done by gently creating an opening in the skin (just enough for the removal solution to penetrate). Once the solution is applied, it begins to pull the pigment out from the tattoo to the degree that a portion of it can be seen, touched and wiped off. As the skin creates a scab in the healing process, it actually absorbs more pigment and aids in its removal once it falls off after a week or so. You will need a consultation, and depending on the saturation and your skin type, it may take anywhere from 1 to 6 treatments.


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